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My main concern is your safety in the water… So we will ride together, we will learn and improve our skills but above all we will respect the sea and stay safe!


About me


About me

After 14 years providing kite surf lessons and coaching through out the globe, I was featured on of the best kite coaches in Europe for 2018 , among some of the best guys in the market like Fabio Ingrosso. More info at

IKO instructor level 2, Certified Lifeguard, IYT certified sail<24m & power<10m, IYT Marine Communication Master, PADI Rescue diver


What I've Done

I have worked as a skipper cruising the greek seas, a rescue diver for leisure diving companies and aquaculture companies through out Greece, a lifeguard on numerous occations covering sailing races and organizing the safety on watersports activities and as a kite instructor, teaching and coaching in Greece, Africa and the Caribbean sea


What I do

At the moment I am a technical advisor of the Hellenic Kiteboarding Association and I am teaching and coaching onboard sailing boat and yachts. Moreover, I organize kite safaris and sailing kite trips in Greece  and working as a promoter of the 2 biggest kite brands Cabrinha and Duotone in Greece. My passion is scouting for new spots and new possibilities for the growth of our favorite sport .


Experienced Kiteboarding Coach/lifeguard

teaching/coaching Onboard

Teaching and coaching onboard sailing boats and Motor Yachts at the Caribbean sea and The Greek Islands

Safety Crew onboard

Being a professional lifeguard and rescue diver with more that 1000 kiteboarding rescues I can quarantine your safety in the water

Kite guide / Kite Trip Planner

Kiting for more than 14 years in Greece I know every little secret about kiteboarding in Greece making your trip worth while

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My Portfolio

Coaching on Yachts

Coaching and teaching our customers on their yachts, away from crowded spots. Learning on their own pace and adapting the lessons in their needs

Caribbean Sea

 Teaching and Coaching onboard on our favorite motor yacht – the Cute Little Cat, a luxurious Catamaran Lagoon 63 M/Y cruising the Greek seas and the Caribbean – BVI’s, Turks and Caicos and Exumas 


Dakhla - Morocco

Private coaching at one of the most famous spots for kiteboarding, the Dakhla lagoon , Western Sahara

Hellenic Kiteboarding Association

Working as a consultant and Technical advisor for the Hellenic Kiteboarding Association. Main tasks the promotion of the sport of kiteboarding and the safety guidelines of the sport. 

South Africa

Working several seasons as a kite instructor in kite schools at Cape Town, which is one of the top kiteboarding destinations worldwide and the place where all new equipment is developed and tested 


Lifeguard seminars

Being more than 15 years in the sport of kiteboarding we organize seminars for certified lifeguards about kiteboarding safety making our beaches more safe.

Εικόνα 323


I was one of the founding members of, organising kite trips in Greece and working as an audio visual manager, kite instructor and safety crew on sailing boats at the Greek Seas. 


Cape Drepano

My latest project is Cape Drepano Surf House, the guest house of our dreams where we spend most of our time in Greece, hosting kiteboarders, providing amazing kiteboarding experiences.

IMG_2521 was established as one of the best kite schools in Greece, teaching and coaching at Cape Drepano, Aigio and Athens

Cape drepano rescue services00010


As a professional lifeguard licensed from the Greek Government, I organize the safety procedures for different kitespots in Greece and world wide

Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 2.00.32 AM

Kite safaris / downwinds

We organize amazing kite safaris and downwinds at the mainland of Greece, especially at the West Coast , an unknown and unspoiled area yet to be discovered.


sales manager/ promoter

 I have worked as a sales manager for RRD in Greece and currently as a promoter and tester of the 2 biggest kite brands Cabrinha and Duotone on behalf of the Greek importer

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What My Clients Say?

I consider Konstantinos one of the most influential coaches out there! He is extremely passionate and has an amazing way of passing his knowledge and love for the sport! You feel always safe and step by step he builds your confidence and your technique. Progression is rapid and the most important thing is that by the end of the day you crave for more and more!!!!
Efkleidis Tsiligkeridis
Paralia Distomou, Greece
Konstantinos is a great kitesurfing teacher. I felt safe and cared for and really enjoyed the pace of the lessons. The relaxed setting made me not stress but instead I felt I could take my time in trying to practice the incremental additional instructions and tips that I was given.
Daniella Gotsi
Barcelona, Spain
I'm overall very satisfied with the school. In order to adapt to the current weather conditions they were always picking the best spot. Their strongest point was their ability to leverage everyones individual skills in order to accelerate the learning.
Tzortzis Sorotos
Ennetbaden, Switzerland

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